December 29, 2009

The Aria Resort & Spa - Opens in Las Vegas

Las Vegas newest spa and wellness attraction is the Aria Resort & Spa - an ideal retreat to escape Nevada's wild west show. Designed by the world-renowned firm Pelli Clarke Pelli, the Aria offers a spa spread over an incredible 80,000-square-feet on two-levels. A total of 62 individual spa treatment rooms and 55 salon stations provide you with a vast array of almost every spa treatment imaginable.

Natural healing is at the core of things at the spa at Aria Las Vegas, and when you're not indulging in treatments, you can relax and socialize at the spa's co-ed balcony. The Aria Spa is the first Las Vegas spa to feature a co-ed balcony, which is just one of the things that helps to distinguish it.

In addition to treating yourself to massages and skin care treatments during your visit to the spa at Aria Las Vegas, you can also take some time out to relax in a eucalyptus steam room, stretch out on a heated-stone ganbanyoku bed, or inhale the fresh air in the infused salt room. Should you be up for a brisk workout during your visit, the spa features an advanced fitness center, various fitness rooms, and exercise studios that are designed for small groups. This place has it all, from separate men's and women's spa areas to the unique co-ed balcony, and it's a place that you'll likely linger at for hours on end.

The Aria Resort & Spa

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