May 22, 2013

Midwest Wellness - The Biggest Loser Resort Chicago

Set upon the beautiful AAA Four Diamond-rated Eaglewood Resort & Spa, The Biggest Loser Chicago will inspire you to relax through its back-to-nature landscape of oak forests and meandering walking paths. Located minutes from O'Hare International Airport, and 30 minutes from downtown Chicago, the resort is located in Itasca, Illinois.

The resort features the Eaglewood Spa, who's salon professionals are committed to helping you relax after your fitness activity. Unwind with a body massage or treat yourself to even more treatments. Your therapist will personalize your massage by combining a variety of techniques, all geared toward relieving tension and restoring energy, balance and focus.

Not to be missed is the Eaglewood Signature Pedicure. This 60-minute classic pedicure for women and men starts with a soothing soak in the whirlpool foot bath, followed by an exfoliating scrub and foot/ half leg massage with a luxurious body butter. It is finished off with detailed nail work and flawless polish for women, or buffed to shine for men.

The Biggest Loser Chicago helps guests achieve the energizing results of a healthy lifestyle with a structured program of fitness activity, calorie-controlled spa cuisine, and education. Enjoy fun and exhilarating activities in the dedicated fitness, aerobic and workout facilities; enhance your experience with personal training; learn more about your body through state of the art metabolic and fitness testing; and partake in nutrition counseling sessions.

Activities and amenities include: amazing hiking trails in the Illinois countryside; a 6-lane bowling alley and access to a stunning championship golf course. Enjoy chef-created, delicious and calorie-controlled spa cuisine. Licensed professionals teach how to approach meal planning and recognize habits such as emotional and intuitive eating. Then, relax with wonderful spa treatments. The resort offers casually elegant guest rooms with all the modern conveniences.

The Biggest Loser Resort Chicago

May 21, 2013

Spas of Slovakia

With over 10 spa towns spread around Slovakia, the country’s historical wellness waters have quite a reputation.

Visitors come here not for their leisure only, but mainly for medical reasons. The facilities provide different treatments both therapeutic and medical professional depending on their agenda.

The medicinal springs have been well known since the Middle Ages. The most famous of these towns is Pieštany (pronounced pieshtany), located in the western region of the country and about an hour and half drive from the capital, Bratislava. It is the biggest spa town with some 40 hotels spread around the city.

Well-manicured grounds, mountains, the Vah River and dense forestry surround the town of Pieštany. Many thermal water facilities are spread throughout the grounds to provide a quaint and relaxing atmosphere for its visitors.

They come mainly from the EU and from Arab countries to enjoy the treatments this town can provide, and many visit Pieštany regularly.

The hotel staff members are trained practitioners of medical and physical therapy. Each spa resort specializes in the treatment of different medical conditions, or “indications.” Detailed brochures and pamphlets are available online to choose an appropriate treatment.

Each hotel has a typical European feel of simplicity to it. They are well equipped to provide a relaxing atmosphere while their spa schedules are designed to keep a visitor busy throughout the day.
At meal times an adequate diet is served, supervised by a dietician and recommended by the doctor at the hotel.

The “medicine spa” and the “preventive, relaxation and rehabilitation” stay are the most popular choices for visitors. The first aims to treat the musculoskeletal system and rheumatoid arthritis, prevention of osteoporosis, back pain problems, and cardiovascular diseases as well.

The second type of treatment is mostly nonmedical and focuses more on relaxation and ease of stress than anything else. There are anti-stress massage sessions, slimming treatments using heat therapies, massages and wraps targeted for patients that want to lose weight.

Many visitors that choose this type of spa retreat are diabetic or have weight issues that require a less invasive treatment than surgery.

Others hope to treat their state of health after injuries caused by accidents, disabilities after strokes, certain skin diseases and targeted muscle rehabilitation due to a medical condition.

Each stay requires a specific duration to insure effectiveness. Most treatments are between two to four weeks.

For over a century, Pieštany has developed proved methods to stimulate the body to achieve rapid pain reduction and early healing to many problems such as in the nervous system and post-injury conditions. The thermal water naturally springs from 2,000-meter-deep tectonic disruptions. Its temperature ranges from 67-69 °C at its source. The waters are mildly mineral, sodium disulfide, hypotonic and calcific. The thermal water and its natural mud are recognized for their healing effect on many mobility disorders and other ailments. The water is directly pumped into thermal baths or individual tubs (according to one’s preference) where it’s used for treatments. The mud is either applied to the body in the form of packs, or alternatively, build directly over the hot mud springs.
The waters are rich in minerals and warmed by the heat of the earth’s core to provide what is probably one of the most remarkable natural remedies known. Residents of the town and many other spa towns in Slovakia and Hungary visit the thermal baths on a weekly basis to unwind from the stresses and strains of modern life. It has become a habit for many and has become part of their tradition.

The usual minimum stay at one of the spa hotels is about a week, packages are provided according to the consultation of doctors at hand. Doctors at the spa conduct weekly checkups on the patients and initially record the progress of the treatments they suggested for sufficient results. Treatment plans are adjusted and are safe to follow as part of the spa services. Throughout the stay, doctors are always at hand to give necessary advice and guidance to ensure that the patient gets the most out of the facility.

At the end of each stay, the doctors conduct a final consultation to ensure that the treatments prescribed have gone according to plan. The doctors also give medical and lifestyle advice to help continue the improvement of health once the patient has left.

Thermia Palace Hotel located on Spa Island is one of the highest recommended. It is a historic Art Nouveau hotel of more than a 100 years old that accommodated many famous personalities. Together with the Irma Health Spa nearby, the hotel provides the ideal conditions for visitors to enjoy the accommodations throughout the year. The Balnea Esplanade Palace is also located on Spa Island and is associated with the Balneo rehabilitation center nearby where most of the curative treatments are held. Many more hotel spas are located around the town and can easily be found. All hotels provide many different international cuisines on the grounds as well as cafes and shopping passages for visitors to stroll along while enjoying the culture of Pieštany.