May 22, 2009

Canada's Top Spa Experiences

In 2009, Canada's national tourism organization, the Canadian Tourism Commission, under took the task of identifying Canadian spa experiences that were best aligned to the national tourism brand: Canada.Keep Exploring. The Commission sought to develop a number of spa marketing assets for integration into its domestic and global marketing efforts. A total of 57 spas from across the country were identified, including spas in eight of Canada's 10 provinces. These spas offer spa treatments that incorporate ingredients indigenous to Canada including, rosehip oil from British Columbia, maple syrup from Ontario and Quebec, sea salts mined in Saskatchewan, glacial clay, seaweed wraps, and lavender from the Pacific west coast, vinotherapy using grape products from Niagara or the Okanagan wine regions, and Golden Moor Mud sourced in eastern Ontario, just to name a few. Each spa offers a uniquely Canadian wellness experience for spa enthusiasts and international travelers alike.

Discover all 57 of Canada's Top Spa Experiences

May 20, 2009

A Recipe For Longevity: 33 Of The Healthiest Foods On Earth

Is it possible to live to 125 or maybe 150? It's certainly a possibility, as discussed on Oprah Winfrey's recent show on longevity. She visited me at my farm to learn how, at 86, I am enjoying the robust health, energy, and mental creativity of someone many decades younger. My secret: large quantities of fruit and vegetables, plus an hour of daily exercise.

No pills, not even aspirin, and certainly no supplements ever enter my mouth -- everything I need comes from my fish-vegetarian diet, which incorporates 30-40 different kinds of fruit and vegetables every week. Even though I am Chairman and Owner of Dole Food Company, I do most of my own grocery shopping, and even took Oprah on an impromptu trip to Costco, in a day that included bike riding, exercise in the gym, and juicing vegetables in the kitchen. Oprah marveled at how much I eat, and yet never gain a pound. In fact, I expend a lot of energy in my 50-60 minutes of cardio and strength training every day. Plus there's the fact that fruit and vegetables tend to be lower in calories, but higher in filling fiber and other nutrients that help you feel satisfied.

By eating many fruits and vegetables in place of fast food and junk food, people could avoid obesity. Obesity accelerates aging even faster than smoking, according to scientific research.

We created the North Carolina Research Campus to study the health benefits of fruits and vegetables. It is the only campus in the world encompassing eight universities all working together for the benefit of health and longevity. These include Duke University, UNC Chapel Hill, NC State University, UNC Charlotte, North Carolina Central University, NC A&T State University, UNC Greensboro and Appalachian State University. We've gathered a comprehensive array of famous scientists and scientific equipment under one roof, including a two-story, 950 megahertz, 8-ton superconducting magnet. It is the largest and most powerful magnet in the world and will help us look at both plant and human cells at the most minute level. We are constantly doing research on all fruit and vegetables, including the ones listed below, which are the mainstay of my diet.

The Healthiest Foods on Earth

PineappleSpeeds post-surgery Promotes joint healthReduces asthma inflammation
BlueberriesRestore antioxidant levels Reverse age-related brain decline Prevent urinary tract infection
SpinachHelps maintain mental sharpness Reduces the risk of cancers of the liver, ovaries, colon and prostate Top nutrient density
Red Bell PepperReduces risk of lung, prostate, ovarian and cervical cancerProtects against sunburnPromotes heart health
BroccoliReduces diabetic damage Lowers risk of prostate, bladder, colon, pancreatic, gastric and breast cancer Protects the brain in event of injury
TomatoReduces inflammation Lowers risk of developing esophageal, stomach, colorectal, lung and pancreatic cancerReduces cardiovascular disease risk
AppleSupports immunityFights lung and prostate cancerLowers Alzheimer’s risk
ArtichokeHelps blood clotting Antioxidant Superfood Lowers “bad” cholesterol
ArugulaLowers birth defect riskReduces fracture risk Protects eye health
AsparagusNourishes good gut bacteriaProtects against birth defects Promotes heart health
AvocadoLimits liver damage Reduces oral cancer risk Lowers cholesterol levels
BlackberriesBuild bone density Suppress appetiteEnhance fat burning
Butternut SquashSupports night vision Combats wrinkles Promotes heart health
CantaloupeBolsters immunity Protects skin against sunburnReduces inflammation
CarrotAntioxidants defend DNA Fights cataracts Protects against some cancers
CauliflowerStimulates detoxification Suppresses breast cancer cell growthDefends against prostate cancer
CherriesAlleviate arthritic pain and gout Lower “bad” cholesterolReduce inflammation
CranberriesAlleviate prostate pain Fight lung, colon and leukemia cancer cells Prevent urinary tract infection
Green CabbagePromotes healthy blood clotting Reduces risk of prostate, colon, breast and ovarian cancers Activates the body’s natural detoxification systems
KaleCounters harmful estrogens that can feed cancer Protects eyes against sun damage and cataracts Increases bone density
KiwiCombats wrinkles Lowers blood clot risk and reduces blood lipids Counters constipation
MangoSupports immunity Lowers “bad” cholesterol Regulates homocysteine to protect arteries
MushroomsPromote natural detoxification Reduce the risk of colon and prostate cancer Lower blood pressure
OrangeReduces levels of “bad” cholesterol Lowers risk of cancers of the mouth, throat, breast and stomach, and childhood leukemia Pectin suppresses appetite
PapayaEnzymes aid digestion Reduces risk of lung cancerEnhances fat burning
Plums & PrunesCounter constipation Antioxidants defend against DNA damage Protects against post-menopausal bone loss
PomegranateEnhances sunscreen protectionLowers “bad” cholesterol Fights prostate cancer
PumpkinProtects joints against polyarthritis Lowers lung and prostate cancer riskReduces inflammation
RaspberriesInhibit growth of oral, breast, colon and prostate cancers Antioxidant DNA defense Lower “bad” cholesterol levels
StrawberriesProtect against Alzheimer’s Reduce “bad” cholesterol Suppress growth of colon, prostate and oral cancer
Sweet PotatoReduces stroke risk Lowers cancer riskProtect against blindness
WatermelonSupports male fertility Reduces risk of several cancers: prostate, ovarian, cervical, oral and pharyngeal Protects skin against sunburn
BananaIncreases Fat BurningLowers risk of colorectal and kidney cancer, leukemiaReduces asthmas symptoms in children

One of my missions in life is to share this kind of knowledge with others, so they can live more vital, active, satisfying lives. Since acquiring major interests in Dole 26 years ago, educating the public on proper diet has constituted the agenda of my Dole Nutrition Institute. We publish the Dole Nutrition News -- enjoyed by 2.5 million subscribers (sign up at We create cooking and nutrition videos, cookbooks, brochures, and other educational collateral, like the chart above. We also provide educational support to teachers, parents and kids through

David H. Murdock is Chairman and owner of Dole Food Company.

May 12, 2009

A toast to Sinatra - W opens in Hokoken

Hoboken, New Jersey's famous son would have been proud of the glamor that has fallen on his birthplace. The 225-room W Hoboken has debuted as the city's first hotel, owned by Applied Development Company. Architecture firm Gwathmey Siegel & Associates designed the riverfront tower to enhance views of Manhattan; expressed balconies and a figural crown define its shape. Covered with natural wood paneling, the four-story-tall entryway leads to the Welcome Desk. Luminous braided stainless steel mesh curtains that change color usher guests from check-in into W Hoboken's stylish living room. Bright colors, animal prints, and textural finishes punctuate the hotel's interior design.

Designed to capture views of the Hudson River and Manhattan skyline, guestrooms feature floor-to-ceiling bay windows and plush round swivel sofas. Conceptualized and executed by EMM Group, the iCRAVE-designed Chandelier Room boasts more than 4,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space. Hanging crystals suspended from branch-like fixtures in the ceiling surround an ornate, inhabitable chandelier that serves as the centerpiece of the room. Rich materials populate the space, including honed marble, copper tiles, glazed cognac leathers, and chocolate velvets.

Bentel & Bentel Architects designed Zylo, the hotel's Tuscan steakhouse. The dining room pays homage to Hoboken's vibrant history of shipbuilding and shop culture while superimposing modern elements. Blackened steel, nautical bronze and basalt planks recall the shipbuilding heritage of the city while a soaring wall of bristled broom heads stacked like bricks hints at the city's former shop culture. The property also offers, Bliss Spa, 5,700 square feet of meeting and event space, and 40 branded residences.

W Hoboken, Bliss Spa

May 9, 2009

Dog Friendly & Clothing Optional? Yes!

Desert Hot Springs' Living Waters Spa announces the 1st ever Dog friendly condo at a clothing optional spa for vacationers who don't want to leave their "best friend" at home

At Living Waters, owners Jeff and Judy understand the importance of not leaving behind an important member of your family. That’s why they are the only European-style, clothing-optional mineral-water spa that invites you to bring your best friend with you and make yourself at home in our pet-friendly luxury condos.

All you need to bring are groceries and your dog’s favorite treats and toys. Their condos have two bedrooms with custom king-size beds dressed in fine linens; cable TV, a DVD player, Wi-Fi; granite countertops, a professional-style gas range; microwave, toaster and coffee maker; cooking utensils and flatware. Best of all, you’ll have a private patio dog run.

If you’ve never had a clothing-optional experience but have always wanted to, now is your time. At Living Waters Spa, you can feel the desert sun and mountain air on your whole body. You can swim in pure mineral water without a bathing suit. And, you can have that experience in an environment devoted to body acceptance and self-discovery.

Spend your days here days relaxing, rejuvenating and restoring, taking in our therapeutic, odor-free water, receiving soul-touching, award-winning massage and body treatments, and exploring nearby Joshua Tree National Park or sight-seeing in Palm Springs. You can take your dog for a hike in the mountains or for an outing at one of our many local dog parks.

The price is lower than ever to visit at one of the top 10 clothing-optional spas in the world. TripAdvisor ranks Living Waters Spa third around the globe, and Spas of America ranks us first in California.

Conde Nast Traveler, American Spa, USA Today, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, Ellen DeGeneres, AOL and other media outlets have featured stories about the Living Waters Spa experience. With their special condo rates, now is the perfect opportunity to discover them for yourself.

Their rates for the season, May through September: $499 for the week, $99 per night Monday through Thursday and $139 Friday through Sunday.

About the spa: Completely refurbished five years ago, the nine guest rooms and massage studios retain their Mid-Century Modern spa-tel character. The two pools are fed directly from a hot-water aquifer; they pump 20 gallons a minute, 18 hours a day, from their own well. The water in the small pool stays about 100 degrees, which is perfect for long, therapeutic soaking. They offer massage and spa treatments; a dry sauna; breakfast and afternoon hors ‘d oeuvres. The six condos are directly across the street from the spa.

Living Waters Spa

May 1, 2009

Six Spring Spa Escapes

Wanting to get away this season, but thinking closer to home may be a better idea? Discover six extraordinary spa escapes from the Midwest to to the West Coast, and from Utah's desert to California's wine region. This season's spring spa escapes offers something for everyone...

Bernardus Lodge, Carmel Valley, California
Savor the gracious intimacy of a resort with epicurean flair, set among the oaks and vineyards of the scenic Carmel Valley in Central California. Feather beds, cozy fireplaces and two-person bathtubs enhance the experience at this resort inspired by the same-named winery.
Bernardus Lodge

Evensong Spa, Heidel House Resort, Green Lake, Wisconsin
Wrapped in tranquility and set on beautiful serene wooded acreage in Green Lake, Wisconsin, Evensong Spa at Heidel House Resort offers guests a relaxing Midwest setting for re-energizing the mind, body and spirit.

Evensong Spa, Heidel House Resort

Health Spa Napa Valley, Inn at Southbridge, St. Helena, California
Located in the charming historic town of St. Helena, in the heart of America's most famous wine-growing region, Health Spa Napa Valley at the Inn at Southbridge, offers guests a private, intimate and convenient escape to wellness.

Health Spa Napa Valley, Inn at Southbridge

Grotto Spa, Tigh-Na-Mara Seaside Spa Resort, Parksville, British Columbia
Take time to treat yourself at Tigh-Na-Mara Resort's Grotto Spa, the largest resort spa in British Columbia, offering signature treatments and services with a focus on West Coast natural ingre
dients. Indulge in a soak in the 2,500 square foot Grotto Mineral Pool, infused with natural minerals and trace elements which detoxify and sooth.
Grotto Spa, Tigh-Na-Mara Seaside Spa Resort

Red Mountain Spa, St. George, Utah
Discover the healing power of red earth and blue sky at Red Mountain Spa. A place where you can be active or relax as you like, anytime you like. Discover stunning red rock cliffs, black lava bed gardens and vivid landscape invite exploration. Where daily guided hikes, rock-climbing outings, canyon-hugging bike rides and group exercise classes meet any fitness level.
Red Mountain Spa

WildSpring Guest Habitat, Port Orford, Oregon
Overlooking Oregon's spectacular southern coast, WildSpring Guest Habitat is a small eco-friendly re
sort offering luxurious accommodations in a naturally beautiful environment. Enjoy incredible ocean scenery with all the comforts of home.
WildSpring Guest Habitat