December 24, 2012

TSA PreCheck Offered to Canadians Enrolled in NEXUS

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is partnering with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for TSA PreCheck™, an initiative that allows eligible passengers to qualify for expedited screening at participating U.S. airports.
Canadian citizens who are traveling domestically in the United States who are members of NEXUS are now qualified to participate in TSA PreCheck™.

If TSA determines a passenger is eligible for expedited screening through TSA PreCheck™, information is imbedded in the barcode of the passenger's boarding pass. TSA reads the barcode at the designated checkpoint and passengers may be referred to the TSA PreCheck™ lane where they will undergo expedited screening, which could include being able to leave their shoes, light outerwear and belt on, allowing them to keep their laptops in their cases and their 3-1-1 compliant liquids/gels bags in their carry-ons.
Passengers do not need to show their CBP Trusted Traveler Cards (NEXUS cards) to use a TSA PreCheck™ lane. Members interested in participating in TSA PreCheck™ through their NEXUS membership must enter their PASS ID into the ‘Known Traveler’ field when booking a flight reservation or saving their PASS ID to their airline’s frequent flyer profile. Members can find their PASS ID either online through their GOES account or on the back of their membership card in the top-left corner.

When traveling on one of the TSA PreCheck™ participating airlines, CBP Trusted Traveler members should remember to provide the airline with their full name, date of birth and PASS ID exactly as it appears in their CBP Trusted Traveler program online account (NEXUS card) to ensure they are properly considered for TSA PreCheck™.

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December 1, 2012

Mirbeau Inn & Spa looks to New England for second location

Upstate New York's Mirbeau Inn & Spa has announced the development of its second location in the United States, and its first foray into New England, with an $18 million, six-acre project in the heart of The Pinehills Village Green.

The original Mirbeau Inn & Spa is located in New York’s Finger Lakes region and is renowned for its gracious hospitality, award-winning dining, and world-class spa services. “Mirbeau is a true retreat,” says Gary Dower, managing director for Mirbeau. “It provides an escape -- a chance to exhale, an opportunity to get away from ‘the everyday,’ to stop, take a breath and just immerse oneself in relaxation.”

Mirbeau at The Pinehills will be joining the growing number of businesses and professional services within The Pinehills Village Green, which is located just 45 miles from Boston and eight miles from Cape Cod.

Architecture for the Inn is reminiscent of an old manor house in the countryside of France, complete with Monet- inspired gardens. The Inn will include 50 rooms, a fine-dining restaurant, wine bar and bistro, world-class spa, fitness area, and accommodations for weddings, corporate meetings, and other social functions. Guest rooms and massage rooms in the spa will all feature warm and inviting fireplaces.

Nestled on top of a knoll, Mirbeau at The Pinehills will overlook spectacular gardens, the Village Green, and Pinehills Golf Club, with the only two five-star public courses in New England designed by Nicklaus Design and Rees Jones.

Mirbeau Inn & Spa at The Pinehills
is scheduled to open in the Spring of 2014.