June 3, 2009

Willow's Bid on the Boys ~ Toronto, Ontario

Donovan Bailey, Craig Oliver

Congratulations to the guests, volunteers, organizers, sponsors, and bachelors of the 2009 Bid on the Boys Breast Cancer Charity event. The event was held in Toronto Friday May 29th in sponsorship of Willow.org. The glamorous night was attended by close to 1,000 people in support of Willow - a Canadian-based breast cancer charity providing immediate resources and support to women diagnosed with breast cancer.

The event included entertainment throughout the evening, dinner, a raffle and silent auction. The evening’s highlight was a bachelor auction, with a tailor-made prize package behind each man.

Bachelors included: actor Carlo Rota, Olympian Donovan Bailey, Chef David Adjey, Dr. Mark Cohen, Dr. Harmeet Gill, Dr. Jason Noble, kilt-wearing Brendan Fitzpatrick, pilot Jeff Lewis, forensic investigator Greg Olson, Police Detective Chris Slywchuk, Police Officer Brian Chambers, Spas of America-president Craig Oliver, and Firefighters of the York Region.

Kudos to co-hosts Maureen Holloway and Sheila Clark who did an amazing job bringing the evening together, and maximizing monies raised. Maureen is heard across Canada as host of The Last Word, a commentary on the foibles of the famous, featured live every morning across the country. Sheila is event host for www.northofthecity.ca and www.yorkregion.com, the community website of the York Region Media Group.

Greg Olson, Chris Slywchuk, Craig Oliver, Dr. Harmeet Gill, David Adjey, Dr. Jason Noble

Spas of America was a proud participant in the event. Special thanks to our friends at: Deserving Thyme; Ilike Organic Skin Care; Elizabeth Grant; GloSodin Skin Nutrients; and Roots Canada who provided prizes. Your participation was greatly appreciated.

For more information on Willow, please visit their website. http://willow.org

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