May 22, 2009

Canada's Top Spa Experiences

In 2009, Canada's national tourism organization, the Canadian Tourism Commission, under took the task of identifying Canadian spa experiences that were best aligned to the national tourism brand: Canada.Keep Exploring. The Commission sought to develop a number of spa marketing assets for integration into its domestic and global marketing efforts. A total of 57 spas from across the country were identified, including spas in eight of Canada's 10 provinces. These spas offer spa treatments that incorporate ingredients indigenous to Canada including, rosehip oil from British Columbia, maple syrup from Ontario and Quebec, sea salts mined in Saskatchewan, glacial clay, seaweed wraps, and lavender from the Pacific west coast, vinotherapy using grape products from Niagara or the Okanagan wine regions, and Golden Moor Mud sourced in eastern Ontario, just to name a few. Each spa offers a uniquely Canadian wellness experience for spa enthusiasts and international travelers alike.

Discover all 57 of Canada's Top Spa Experiences

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