March 3, 2009

Spas of America Launches 30 Destination Spa Experiences

Spas of America, the fastest-growing spa travel website, today launched listings for 30 destination spas from across North and South America. "Destination spas are the pioneers of the spa industry," says Spas of America president Craig Oliver. "They demonstrate a commitment to total wellness by providing customers with a complete experience encompassing health, fitness and diet."

The Spas of America website, which features over 650 spas, allows customers to search spas by keyword, region or specific type of spa experience. Categories include City, Mountain, Country, Beach, Desert, Ocean, Mineral, City, Wine -- and now Destination as well. Spas of America features destination spas in Brazil, Canada, Mexico and the United States.

Kathleen LeSage of Vermont's New Life Hiking Spa, one of the new listings, says: "It is no wonder 'preventive health lifestyles' are popular. Obesity and diabetes are on the rise, and with those come a myriad of other health issues. Leading a healthy lifestyle, staying at a healthy weight, and keeping your body active and flexible have enormous health benefits, from keeping diabetes at bay to lowering cancer risks to alleviating depression."

Adds Craig Oliver: "Preventive care even made its way into President Obama's speech this week. He called it 'one of the best ways to keep our people healthy and our costs under control.' The spa and wellness industry has been long-time advocates of preventive health. Destination spas, in particular, provide customers with the ability to experience holistic health, but also to take many of the health, fitness and diet learnings home with them."

Destination spa experiences featured on Spas of America include:

Fitness Ridge Spa Resort, Utah
Located amidst the beautiful red rocks of southwestern Utah, the Fitness Ridge Resort & Spa is a one-week-minimum, results-oriented health, fitness and weight loss resort. The spa strives to empower each guest and help them jumpstart lasting lifestyle changes through education, exercise, accountability and self-awareness.

Heartland Spa, Illinois
Nestled in Illinois farm country around a spring-fed lake, this unpretentious 32-acre destination spa focuses on fitness and well-being. True to its name, the Heartland Spa emphasizes "heart health" through its nutritious cuisine, personalized programs, and full range of fun and challenging fitness activities.

Hills Health Ranch, British Columbia
With a leading reputation for wellness, health and weight loss, the Hills Health Ranch, set on 20,000 acres in British Columbia's scenic Cariboo region, offers a unique combination of rest, relaxation, education and adventure. Guests may hike rangelands dotted with peaceful lakes or challenge themselves in diverse classes to reach new fitness goals.

New Life Hiking Spa, Vermont
Renowned as an affordable destination spa with some of the country's best hiking and fitness programs, New Life Hiking Spa is located in the heart of the aptly named Green Mountains. This distinctive spa focuses on a mixture of hiking, yoga, other forms of exercise and healthy eating to help guests make lasting lifestyle changes.

Red Mountain Spa, Utah
Framed by towering cliffs and the red rock formations of southwest Utah, Red Mountain Spa offers a wide selection of quality activities for fitness enthusiasts, in addition to all the pampering, luxury and relaxation you expect from a full-menu spa.

For a complete list of destination spas on Spas of America visit:

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