October 23, 2008

My Lake Michigan ~ Spa Amira, The Homestead Resort

Often times, good things come in small packages. Rarer still, however, is when amazing, unexpected things come in small packages. Such is the case of Spa Amira, Northern Michigan’s newest spa retreat, planted bluffside and overlooking the grand, blue expanse of Lake Michigan.

The spa, recently opened as a part of The Homestead Resort, is an escape within an escape—lingering at the top of a modest climb, and presenting visitors, upon arrival, with what may be the best view on the 435–acre property.

Small in size, the actual spa building offers a mere three treatment rooms, but the space itself is comprised of a relaxation garden, stone labyrinth, soaking pool and chaise-laden overlook, all tucked neatly behind a wrought-iron gate. On the winding drive upward, guests pass through wooded hills while catching glimpses of the resort’s sprawling golf course. It is, in a single word, idyllic.

Once in the spa building and wrapped in a cotton robe, I padded softly out the door of a changing room sized for one and into a dimly lit treatment room, where soft music drowned out most everyday noises. There, my spa therapist met me, going through the rituals of situation and preparing for the spa’s exclusive treatment: The Amira Well-Being Massage.

Consisting of a full-body dry brushing and Swedish massage, the treatment is the perfect complement to a weekend getaway, allowing a blend of pure relaxation to accompany any adventures offered across the sprawling grounds. Lasting a leisurely 90 minutes, “The Amira” allows guests to slowly recuperate from any of the resort activities that drain the body: swimming, skiing, or hiking, while incorporating broad strokes with thorough kneading of each muscle—toes to scalp.

The treatment, which is priced at $125, is one of many offered at the spa, in addition to Ayurvedic body treatments, scrubs, Reiki hand rejuvenation, and soon, manicure and pedicure services.

In pure, post-treatment bliss, I ventured outdoors, where the true sense of spa living gently seeps into every one of my open pores. Guests who don’t take advantage of this stunning space will not gain the full Amira experience. It’s here, looking out over the stretch of sapphire blue waters that a treatment-induced relaxation grows even deeper.

This newly founded gem, granting views of The Homestead’s mile-long stretch of sandy beach, creates for visitors a perfectly rounded escape. Paired with a stay in Little Belle—one of the resort’s five elegant accommodation options—and bayside fine dining at CafĂ© Manitou, Spa Amira serves as what may have once been a missing ingredient at The Homestead.

Worry no more. Whether planning a family vacation, a romantic getaway or a weekend outdoors, The Homestead and Spa Amira promise a favorable freshwater destination, guaranteed to pamper and please the finest palate.

Spa Amira, The Homestead Resort

~ Jessica Howell, Spas of America
When not experiencing new spas, Jessica is an account executive with Eisbrenner PR.

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